We are a team of experienced professionals in the field of precision metal cutting and powder coating. We are specialized in the mechanical processing of parts of all kind of metals, ensuring extreme precision of the end products. Our target customers are representatives of different industries that require perfection of the end details such as electronics, automotive sector, biotechnology, semiconductor, space, optical and electrical industries.

Our production capacity ensures the complete processing cycle of details and units closing, including: laser cutting, turning, milling, flaring sheet material, pipe bending, welding. The machines we have chosen to rely on, and which guarantee the accuracy and quality of the products that leave our factory, are the leading manufacturers in the industry, namely: DMG, Eckert, Fanuc, Harris, MVD, etc.

We are specialized in the manufacturing of precise parts with a complex configuration, as the whole process of processing includes the following activities:

CNC turning, CNC milling, Laser Cutting, Flaring and Bending of sheet material, Pipe bending, Welding, Powder coating line

Our services are directed to the customers of different industries, who require us the perfection of the end element, such as electronics, car manufacturing, biotechnology, semiconductor, optical and electrical industries.
Our strength is in CNC turning and CNC milling, production of details and workpieces, complex units, production of light metal alloy elements (aluminum and aluminum alloys, titanium and titanium alloys), heavy metals (bronze, copper and copper alloys), as well as of steel (structural, stainless and tools steel) and plastic. The Laser cutting is a major technological process that guarantees high quality of Avtofactory branded products. We offer the complete cycle of metal sheet processing and profiles: cutting, bending and painting of metal elements, allowing control of the entire process. The sheet material bending is performed by a sheet bending press machine with a digital control. The machines have the ability to cut, bend and flare into different part contours, shapes and size. For the bending of metal profiles, we have a last generation bending machine.

The efficiency of production could not be achieved without the specially trained personnel involved in the multi-axis processing.   The qualification of the specialists employed at the different stages of processing is the highest in the branch, which guarantees the availability of wide-ranging general theoretical, special and company-practical training.

We manufacture mechanical parts and units according to customer's requirements. We take orders for serial production of precise turning and milling details according to a provided drawing.


Using the 5-axis milling machine with CNC control of the German brand DMG, we are enable to process details of materials of different type: steel, aluminium, brass, copper, non-metals, and others.

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We dispose with a 4-axis Turning centre with CNC, brand DMG, for mechanical processing of medium-dimensional details. The machine can perform turning and milling operations at one set of the material.

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Laser cutting

The high productivity, precision, perfect cut quality, short adjustment for different types and thickness of material make it a preferred method for of different details manufacturing.

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Bending of sheet material

Metal sheet bending with a maximum pressure of 135 tons for bending to a certain profile of black, stainless and non-ferrous initial metal sheet with a maximum working width up to 3100 mm.

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Sheet Material Cutting

Guillotine for cutting of sheet material of black, stainless and non-ferrous metals with a maximum working width of 3000 mm and a material thickness of up to 6 mm.

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We offer MIG-MAG and WIG welding with Argon of steel and its alloys, stainless steel and aluminum. We guarantee clean, good-looking and extremely strong welds.

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Powder coating line

We dispose with an assembly line for metal products powder coating line with maximum dimensions of 3000/1500/500 mm

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Products & Prototypes

Development of own innovative products, manufacturing and installation of specialized superstructures.

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Precise production of nodes and complex details from aluminum, bronze, copper, steel, plastic.

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