Powder coating line

The Powder Coating Line Installation, which we have, provides high quality degreasing and powder coating line of various metals - aluminum, steel and galvanized parts. The line is very suitable for serial details coating, and its capacity enables large volumes for short periods.

Powder Coating Line is the most suitable method for coating and protecting metal products. The method has proven advantages compared to wet coating. The advantages are of a functional and aesthetic point of view. By a functional side it is guaranteed a reliable anti-corrosion protection of metal surfaces under various operating conditions, a good coating layer is guaranteed for details with a complex configuration, it enables steadiness in coverage of large details series.

The Powder Coating Line is also much more resistant to impact and scratching. By the aesthetic side, some beautiful surfaces with the desired gloss level, with relief effects, neon and luminescent effects, and many others are received as a final result. Powder coated components have less differences in appearance between horizontally or vertically coated surfaces than liquid-coated elements. The wide range of special effects is easily achievable, which is impossible to be achieved by other covering processes. Another important advantage of the Powder Coating Line is the harmless technological process and it is in conformity with the European environmental norms for production.