Bending of sheet material

Metal sheet bending with a maximum pressure of 135 tons for bending to a certain profile of black, stainless and non-ferrous initial metal sheet with a maximum working width up to 3100 mm.

We dispose with a MVD C 135 - 3100 sheet bending press machine with CNC control equipped with a wide range of tools with different bending possibilities in different contours, shapes and size of the details. The machine is a new generation and it is a preferred option compared to the alternative of welding individual elements. The sheet bending machine has intelligent control allowing quick adjustment according to the type and thickness of the bending material, as well as with a tracking system for minimizing the working drives in height, in order to increase the productivity of the metal sheet bending. Our sheet bending machine is of high technology that meets the highest demands for accuracy and exactness of bending.

The bending of sheet material is a process that allows the production of cold-curved П-profiles, binders, cladding, doors, trays, boxes, tables, etc., according to the individual requirements of each customer. The digitally controlled hydraulic sheet bending machine produces complex details with exceptional precision and completeness by repeated bending of sheet material according to a predetermined pattern. The exact bending angle programming saves time and ensures the same quality of sheet material processing. The machine enables bending to a certain profile of the sheet material of black, stainless and non-ferrous parent material with a maximum working width of 3100 mm of aluminum, steel, brass, etc.

Our customers are companies that develop their activities in the field of interior design, advertising, metal details for furniture production.

MVD C 135 - 3100

Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears serves for bending of predetermined profile of black, stainless and non-ferrous output sheeting material with a maximum folding width of 3000 mm.

Manufacturer MVD Inan
Model C 135 - 3100
Machine type CNC
Working width, mm 3100 
Cutting capacity steel, mm
Cutting capacity stainless material, mm
Cutting capacity aluminum, mm
Folding angle 0-135°