Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a main technological process that guarantee a high quality of manufacture of complex shaped parts from different types of materials, both metals and non-metals. The high productivity, precision, perfect cut quality, short adjustment for different types and thickness of material make it a preferred method for of different details manufacturing.

The DIAMOND FIBER laser machine enables precise cutting of complicated details of sheet metal and profiles of black, stainless steel and aluminium. It is possible to cut both material with protective foil and engraving with subsequent cutting.

We dispose with a wall console 1 ton loading crane, which is provided to serve the work table of the laser machine by loading it with sheet material. The material is gripped by a vacuum hoist that moves material with weight up to 750 kg. In this way, the sheet material is protected against accidental scratches and damage during its movement.

The high power of the 4kW machine and the accurate and precise movements of the mechanical part guarantee clean and precise cuts. The big work table enables the production of large-dimensional details and use of large sheet metal formats with maximum dimensions of 2 m x 6 m. The modern technology enables the laser to reach the highest levels in respect of accuracy, reliability, speed and performance.

Part of the advantages of laser cutting are related to: high processing accuracy, perfect edges, high productivity, short cuts, exceptional smoothness, excellent cut quality without the need for additional machining. The Laser cutting is widely used in various industries. Our customers are companies operating in the field of interior design, advertising, furniture production, agriculture and many others.


Diamond Fiber Laser cutting machine that operates with a fiber laser technology it is appropriate for laser cutting of metal sheets as well as profiles of black, stainless steel and aluminum. It is possible to cut both materials with protective foil and engraving with subsequent cutting.

These machine ensures fast speed and highest cutting precision also in complicated contours.
The high power of the machine and the accurate movements of the mechanical part guarantee precise cuts.
The large work table allows the processing of large-dimensional details.
• state-of the art cutting technology
• capability of processing a wide range of reflective materials (copper, brass, polished materials)
Future in laser cutting. High dynamics and the best cutting precision.

Model Diamond Fiber Laser 2
Drives Servo AC
Working area 2000 x 6000 mm
Z axis movement 115 mm
Max. axis positioning speed (X,Y) 120 m/min
Positioning accuracy +/- 0,03 mm
Laser beam power 1000 - 6000 W
Maximum thickness for steel cutting 18 mm
Maximum thickness for stainless steel 12 mm
Maximum thickness for aluminum 12 mm
Laser power 4 kW