Milling is one of the leading processes in metalworking.

The milling provides extremely precise processing of various metallic and non-metallic, plastic, brass, aluminum, copper and all kind of steel surfaces. The milling process provides smoothness to the treated material and enable a creation of products with a modern design.

By the digit 5-axis milling machine CNC DMG DMU 75 monoBLOCK can be produced complex parts and units for machine building, food industry, industrial equipment parts, and complex components for car industry, where the precision of the final product is a compulsory condition. The large number of tools and the simultaneous control of the five axles allow a wide variety of operations on one detail.
The rapid tool change and high speed of both positioning and cutting reduces overall production time and final product cost. The SIEMENS 840D machine management system and the precision of the mechanical part positioning enable the production of highly precise details.

The Milling is one of the basic methods for cold mechanical processing. The main movement is the rotating of the cutting tool, while the workpiece is static. Upon using machining centers, such as our vertical center, and the detail by additional axes, as rotating tables “C” and “A”, it is possible to move during processing. On the other hand, this increases the technological capabilities of the machine. Thus, it is possible to process 3D complex surfaces, and all that at a minimum fixing of detail in the machinery.


The five-axis vertical CNC machine performs the mechanical processing of mid-gauge prismatic-hull details.

The large number of tools and the five steering axes allow diverse processing on one detail. The rapid tool change and the high speed of both positioning and cutting reduce the overall production time and cost of production.

The SIEMENS 840D machine management system and the precise positioning of the mechanical part enable the production of high precision details.


• Large door opening of 1310 and unique access to the working area, most compact machine with a footprint of just 8 m²
• Unrestricted crane loading of up to 600 kg
• Quick and easy to set up thanks to it´s three-point support


• Comprehensive cooling measures, high-performance coolant unit and multi-sensor compensation as standard
• Stiff construction with high static masses and balanced moving parts
Stiff monoBLOCK concept
• monoBLOCK – Maximum stability from one casting
• One-piece column with large, stable slideways, 45 mm roller guideways in all axes
• Maximum stability thanks to large ball screws in all axes ø 40 / 50 / 40
• FEM optimization of all components

Max. machinable diameter 750 - 650 mm
Max. X travels 750 mm
Max. Y travels 650 mm
Max. Z travels 560 mm
Max. table load 600 kg
Table diameter 650 mm
Maximum workable diameter F840 mm
Maximum workpiece height 500 mm
Number of tools 60
Tools changeover time 5 s
Maximum spindle revolutions 18,000 rpm
Maximum speed of fast moves 40 m/min
Inclination of the axis A +/- 120º
Angle of rotation of axis C 360º
Distance from Spindle to table 120 mm




Universal milling machine for horizontal and vertical treatment of prismatic-hull details of non-ferrous metals, carbon and stainless steel trough surface milling.

Standard equipment:

Universal, rotating milling head
Automatic feed on X, Y axis
Numeric indication on 3 axes
Transition sleeve
Horizontal milling mandrels
Clamping bolt
Frontal milling cutter
Work area cooling
Work area lighting
Set of keys and tools

Model Harris X6432
Machine type SONE
Work table size mm 1320/320
X- stroke on the work table mm 1000
Y- stroke on the work table mm 300
Z- stroke on the work table mm 440
Head offset, degrees +/- 360
Drilling capacity Ø mm 50
Milling capacity Ø mm 80